Anaconda Choke (a.k.a. Front Head and Arm Choke)

BJJ Technique - Anaconda Choke
Technique Set Up: 

This is most often used immediately following sprawling when an opponent attempts a shot. This is even more effective if, after sprawling, opponent continues to grab at your legs.

Technique Description: 
  1. Beginning from top turtle position after a sprawl, reach under opponent's neck with your right hand, all the way across your opponent's neck as deep as you can, under your opponent's right arm gripping at your opponent's right tricep.  Your own legs should be sprawled out to maintain heavy pressure on top of your opponent.
  2. Move your left arm up, and grab your left bicep with your right hand, and place left hand on opponent's back.
  3. Position your head to the left of your opponent's head.  (If your head is resting on opponent's back, you risk getting your head crushed)
  4. Roll under your opponent on the same side your head is on.  (As a reminder on which side to roll, point with your index finger on the hand gripping your opponent's biceps.  The direction you are pointing is the direction you shoudl go)
  5. Walk your hips/legs towards your opponent to increase the pressure of the choke, continue walking until you hook opponent's leg.
Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 

Alternate to step 1: Rather than gripping opponent's tricep, you can instead make a Gable grip. This alternative grip works better for no-gi because of the lack of friction.