Basic Arm Bar From Closed Guard

 BJJ Techniques Arm Bar From Closed Guard
Technique Description: 
  1. Pistol Grip with your left hand on opponent's right cuff
  2. Sit up (if necessary, depending upon the length of your arms), and grip your opponent's right tricep with your right hand
  3. At this point, you should have total control of your opponent's right arm, as both of your arms are controlling one of your opponent's arms
  4. Reposition your opponent's arm towards your head and across your body to the right
  5. Open your guard, and place your left foot on your opponent's right hip, squeezing your opponent's torso, blocking your opponent from pulling arm out.  (As soon as you open your guard, you should be squeezing your knees together the entire time)
  6. Kick your right foot up and over the back of your opponent, as though you were attempting to kick him in the back of his head, with your hips raised, while moving your torso perpendicular to the right of your opponent
  7. Left leg moves over your opponent's head, the back of your knee should be on top of your opponent's neck
  8. Leg curl (i.e. attempt to put heels to the floor), Squeeze knees together tightly, Lift up with your hips, Position opponent's thumb up to the ceiling
Technique Video(s):