Bicep Slice

Technique Set Up: 

When opponent grabs his own belt, or gi to defend the kimura.

Technique Description: 

Secondary submission when opponent is defending the kimura from North/South

  1. Lock kimura in tight on opponent's left arm from North/South
  2. Maintain control of opponent's left wrist with your right hand, by pinning his hand against his body
  3. Slide your left arm all the way through the natural gap created by the kimura, and grab your right shoulder
  4. Stay tight against your opponent, and post your right hand on the floor to the right of your opponent (which is to your left)
  5. Switch your hips to the same side as your posted hand
  6. Whereas in step 3 you slide your arm as far as possible, pull back a little so that your forewarm, rather than your elbow, is resting against your opponent's chest
  7. Scoot backwards against your opponent's head while applying pressure to his forearm