Breaking Spider Guard Grips (One Leg Extended) Into Club Guard Pass

Instructed By: 
Isaac Doederlein
BJJ Breaking Spider Guard Grips (One Leg Extended) Into Guard Pass
Technique Set Up: 

This technique is used when your opponent has you in his Spider Guard with one leg extended. (A different Spider Guard break would be used if neither leg were extended)

Technique Description: 
  1. Grip both opponent's gi pants, preferably with a Pistol Grip
  2. Side step towards your opponent's extended leg
  3. On the opposite side, punch down and towards opponent, and when his grip breaks, immediately bring your elbow tight to the outside of your knee to prevent opponent from circling their leg inside and recapturing Spider Guard
  4. On the side in which your opponent has his leg extended, pinch your elbow inside, turn your whole body towards your opponent as you circle your hand under and around your opponent's leg
  5. You opponent will, most likely, keep their grip in spite of the grip being very weak at this point
  6. Push the leg with the weakened grip towards the floor while rolling your wrist forward which will break their grip
  7. Immediately fall to the side of your opponent on your hip, underhooking ("Clubbing") his head as deep as possible, and pinching your heel to your butt trapping your opponent at his ankle (if you can fall to your hip and club your opponent's head without him trapping your leg, this is even better)
  8. Circle leg around opponent's trapped leg in a tight circle and walk towards your opponent's head to apply pressure with your left knee checking opponent's hip
  9. Replace knee with right hand
  10. Square up into Side Control
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Technique - Other Options: 
  • Steps #3 and #4 can be done in either order
  • In Step #4, it is sometimes helpful to use your knee to bend your opponent's straightened leg at the back of his knee