Clock Choke

BJJ Clock Choke
Technique Set Up: 

When you are on top of your opponent who is in turtle guard. Sometimes, this occurs when you are passing your opponent's guard, and they turtle to avoid being put into side control.

Technique Description: 
  1. Maintain contact with opponent, that is, stay heavy on top of your opponent during the entire technique.
  2. Rotate around opponent so that your left knee is in between your opponent's arms and legs. Keep your right leg up, knee off of the ground and away from your opponent. If your opponent is turtled up too tightly, and you can not fit your knee inside, you can switch to a spiral ride.
  3. Begin with a double lapel grip behind your opponent and under his arms. (You may also want your far side hand to grip at opponent's pant leg, or knee)
  4. Open your opponent's left lapel with your left hand.
  5. Feed right hand under your opponent's neck, palm down, and grab under his left collar, thumb inside, with a 90 degree angle on your elbow. Do not feed too deep or it will enable your opponent to sweep you.
  6. Left hand reaches across and grabs opponent's right lapel, thumb inside.
  7. Slide your weight from on top of your opponent's hips towards your opponent's shoulder blade, keeping head low. Maintain pressure on the back of opponent's neck and stay on your toes as you switch your hips.
  8. Walk around the clock keeping pressure on the back of your opponent's neck while lifting up with your wrist and arm (you are not pulling down on the collar, rather, you are lifted up).
Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 

Renato Tavarez teaches a clock choke with style points.