Defending Knee on Belly

Technique Description: 

Be careful not to extend your arms which puts you at risk of a Near Side Straight Arm Bar or a Far Side Straight Arm


Notes from a knee on belly bottom sweep I need to research and write up:

  1. Near side arm is on person’s knee. (If person attempts to grab at your arm for a near side arm-bar, pull back in tight)
  2. Oompa up, and swing knee closest to person in between person’s legs.
  3. Grab for arm that would post with left hand, keep a hold of knee with right, and sweep.
  4. Posted arm can be removed by judo chop If posted arm is at an angle, grab sleeve, pull out and then back in If posted arm is straight, tight to body, sit up into person and sweep like a sit up sweep
  5. Variation on this is to grab foot and put in between your legs and sweep like above, or the “helicopter” variation in which you reach up with right hand in between person’s legs grabbing on belt, maneuver head under his posted leg, grab his posted leg, and swing around.