Double Leg Takedown

BJJ Double Leg Takedown
Technique Set Up: 

There are a lot of set ups that apply to this, among other takedowns.  Often times, you are looking to catch your opponent flat footed, that is, standing more or less upright and not prepared to sprawl.  This can be accomplished by:

  • Shucking opponent's head down.  As he comes back up, shoot the double leg take down.
  • Grabbing one or both opponent's hands.  His natural reaction will be to pull his hands back towards him.  If you attempt this set up, do not wait for his reaction, assume the reaction is coming and immediately shoot after grabbing one or both hands.
  • Any time there is a scramble and your opponent is standing up from the ground is a good time to shoot.
  • Reaching out and touching opponent's forehead to get him to move upright.
  • If your opponent is using a two on one grip to break your lapel grip, often times as your grip breaks, they will be in an upright position which is a good time to shoot, otherwise, it is difficult to set up a double leg takedown with gi jiu jitsu when you are both gripping each other's gis.
Technique Description: 
  1. Change levels, that is, crouch down.  This will give your shot power.  As you change levels, do not go down at an angle, drop to the ground as quickly as possible and shoot.  (You want to move like an elevator (i.e. straight down) not like an elevator (i.e. down at a diagonal).
  2. Push off of your back leg
  3. Penetrate deep to bow opponent forward at the hips
  4. Turn corner
  5. Drive through opponent to the ground
Technique Video(s):