Ezekiel Choke (aka Sleeve Choke, Sode Guruma Jime [Sleeve Wheel Constriction]

Ezekiel Sleeve Sode Guruma Jime
Technique Description: 

From half guard with left arm underhooking head and right arm underhooking opponent's left arm:

  1. Right hand slides down and on top of opponent's bicep, pressing against the mat
  2. Head pressures into opponent, exposing his neck and hiding his view of your choke set up
  3. Right hand grabs inside your own sleeve as deep as possible with four fingers inside, and thumb on the outside (This needs to be a deep, tight grip, beyond your second knuckle 
  4. Twist your left hand so that it faces out and make a fist
  5. Drive fist into opponent's throat and sag towards your elbow, or alternatively, keep hand straight, reach around as far as you can with your top hand to the opposite side of opponent's throat at their carodid artery and apply pressure
  6. To apply more pressure, push arms away from your body
  7. To apply even more pressure, drive your head into your own fist
Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 

This same choke can be done on the opposite side of half guard (e.g. underhooking opponent's neck with your right arm)