Fireman's Carry (a.k.a. Kata Garuma)

BJJ Technique - Fireman's Carry Kata Garuma
Technique Set Up: 
  1. Opponent needs to be walking towards you, or pushing or having his weight forward
  2. Head Snap will cause opponent to jerk his head up and straighten his posture - Push opponent's right shoulder, and perform technique as he squares back off to you - Get opponent walking towards you, that is, get his weight forward
Technique Description: 
  1. Begin with a Staggered Stance, with your lead leg the leg you plan on shooting forward with.
  2. Head needs to be on the same side as the overhooking arm, and lower than your opponent's.
  3. Arm control is key, and a strong grip is important, all the way to the end of the technique.  No gi - use a monkey grip for more control with thumb on the outside.  This monkey grip is key when you are mid-way through the throw to prevent your partner from pulling his arm away
  4. Change levels
  5. Penetrate with the lead knee, grabbing down on overhooking arm
  6. Pull overhooking arm close to chest
  7. Pivote on knees- keep posture
  8. Pull down on arm, follow through
  9. Keep control of opponent's arm and take Side Control
Technique Video(s):