Foot Wedge Half Guard Pass

 BJJ Technique - Foot Wedge Guard Pass
Technique Description: 
  1. Establish far side underhook (right arm), keeping pressure into opponent's arm pit to avoid your opponent re-pummeling (re-eastablishing underhook).
  2. Push opponent's leg down with your left hand.  This is optional and really depends on your opponent.  If you feel your opponent working to recompose guard, check the leg, however, if your opponent is just holding your leg tight, this is unnecessary.  
  3. Pressure against opponent's neck with your head.  You should be squeezing his head between your head and arm.
  4. Get on your toes and rotate opposite your underhooking side to force opponent's legs to drop.
  5. Wedge toes of your left foot inside your opponent's thigh.
  6. Walk toes of right foot up, bouncing up.  It is very important at this point to keep your head on the ground as your base.  If you lift your head up, you make yourself very vulerable for being swept.
  7. Overhook, and pull up on opponent's right arm, switch your hips, and complete the pass.
  8. Often times, as a last ditch effort your opponent will triangle your foot.  It is relatively easy to kick off the triangled foot, however, this is often when your opponent will attempt a burst of energy to avoid being passed.
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Technique - Other Options: 

I believe this works better with double underhooks.  The way this is traditionally taught, your left hand is not doing a whole lot other than checking your opponent's knee, and hanging out.  If you underhook your opponent with your left hand in step #3, this creates a lot more pressure, and more importantly, when you do finally pass, it is much more stable to prevent opponent's burst of strength from sullying your guard pass attempt.  This also enables you to put a tremendous amount of shoulder pressure on your opponent.