Gi Wrap Choke

Technique Set Up: 

The best time to attempt this choke is when your opponent has his gi open, and/or you have stable control from top side control.

Technique Description: 
  1. Maintain side control with your left arm under opponent's neck, applying shoulder pressure.
  2. Open the far side of your opponent's gi, and grab the bottom corner.
  3. Feed gi under opponent's left shoulder and then under their head, grasping the gi with your left hand.
  4. Knee on belly to tighten grip, which should be as deep (i.e. towards opponent's body) as possible leaving a lot of slack.
  5. Knee on belly again, this time switch grips so your right hand, palm up, grasps the end of your opponent's gi.
  6. Go back to maintaining side control.
  7. Feed your left hand under opponent's chin and grabbing, palm down, the handle created by gi cloth.
  8. Drive your elbow to the mat.
Technique - Other Options: 

In step #3, sometimes, in order to better maintain control of opponent, you can use your teeth to grab at their gi while feeding it under their shoulder.