Golden Gate Bridge Sweep

Half Guard Golden Gate Bridge Sweep
Technique Set Up: 

This is a good sweep to use if opponent is basing out with his knees when attempting the London Bridge Sweep.

Technique Description: 

1) Switch from the standard half guard leg triangle (triangling opponent’s right leg) so that your outside (left foot) hooks the inside of opponent’s right leg. Your left foot should be flat on the floor at opponent’s right knee.

2) Shift your knees, and therefore hips, all the way to the left

3) This will expose opponent’s left leg, which you should trap with your right foot. Pin opponent’s foot at the ankle into your body with your ankle and foot.

4) Pin opponent’s left elbow to your head by reaching up with your right arm

5) Unlock left foot and post away from your body

6) Bridge and punch through the sweep

* Bridge torwards opponent's head, not perpendicular to opponent