Guillotine Choke (A.K.A. Front Headlock Choke)

Instructed By: 
Marcelo Garcia
Technique Set Up: 
Technique Description: 

From Guard:

  1. Sit up to the right side side of your opponent.
  2. Reach your arm across his neck, holding his posture down.
  3. Scoot your hips backwards.
  4. Reach around opponent's neck with your left hand.  (Left hand should have fingers straight and together making your hand as thin as possible).
  5. Grab wrist/hand with right hand.  Your choking (in this case, left) hand should be tight and close to your stomach as possible.
  6. Forearm should be positioned under opponent's neck.
  7. Legs high on the opponent's back.
  8. Arch back, extend legs, squeeze knees, and left up.

From Sprawl Attempt:

  1. Sprawl legs out.
  2. Wrap neck and grab wrist.
  3. Walk forward and lower base.
  4. Arm holds head down while forearm chokes opponent.
Technique Video(s): 
Technique Follow Ups: 

If your opponent defends by reaching up and attempting to pry your hand off, you can transition (back) to a Sit Up Sweep on the same side as your opponent's defending hand.