London Bridge Sweep

Half Guard London Bridge Sweep
Technique Set Up: 

When opponent is in the traditional top half guard position, with one arm under hooking head and one arm under hooking arm. The primary London Bridge sweep works particularly well when your opponent is using a lot of shoulder pressure.

Technique Description: 

1) Depending upon where your opponent's knees are located, pinch the knee towards your body with either your elbow or hand. (If your opponent's knees are sprawled out with a really wide base, you can move your knees opposite the sprawled knee which will force the sprawled knee closer to your body.) The closer the person's knee is to your body, the easier it will be to sweep them.

2) Open your half guard and post your outside leg further outside to leverage your opponent over

3) Keep your inside half guard leg hooked tight. It is very important to "leg press" and squeeze with your leg or your opponent's leg will escape and you will potentially have your half guard passed.

4) Prior to the next step, pressure your head and neck to the floor to help trap opponent's under hooking arm.

5) Bridge up and over while: a) Pinching opponent's knee against your body body, b) Pushing off with your outside foot and c) Leveraging arm against person's chin/neck

* Do not telegraph the sweep by pinching person's knee then opening guard, then bridging up and over. The four steps above should be performed at the same time

* It is easier to perform this technique if you can first get your opponent's weight opposite the direction you want to sweep him. Time the sweep so that as he recovers, he is swept the opposite side.

Technique - Other Options: 

1) If opponent bases out with his underhooking hand/arm when you attempt this sweep:

  • Instead of "Leveraging arm against person's chin/neck", reach across (and under opponent's head) to trap their elbow/arm

2) If opponent has both arms over (instead of one arm underhooking head):

  • Grab the person's shoulder to prevent being arm locked
  • Shift opponent's weight over, and put hand and arm next to their body as far down as you can reach
  • Punch at their chin/neck bridging up and over to sweep

2) If opponent bases out with their knee/leg:

  • Hip escape and recompose guard using the gap created by the posting knee/leg