Low Single Leg Takedown (aka Low Level Single)

BJJ Low Single Leg Takedown (aka Low Level Single)
Technique Set Up: 

This is a great technique if you are up against a stronger opponent, or a superior opponent in the tie up position.  It is possible to shoot from the opposite without getting into a standing battle.

  • Grab your opponent's hands and drop straight down to the mat, forcing your opponent to drop down as well. When opponent reacts, immediately shoot for the low single.
  • Circle opponent and wait for him to step.
Technique Description: 

Preparing for the shot:

  1. Circle your opponent and/or keep him on the outside and note the tendencies in which he steps.
  2. Lower your level (so that you are close enough to the ground so that you can touch the mat), and shoot in.
  3. Shoot as opponent is stepping and shoot to where opponent's foot is going to land.
  4. The John Smith technique

After shooting in:
  1. Hand around opponent's heel.
  2. Elbow on the ground at opponent's toes.
  3. Head against opponent's knees.
  4. Opposite hand posts up on mat
  5. Opposte leg posts by foot stepping up on mat
  6. Drive opponent over to the side against his knee (Do not pull foot forward)
Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 

The opposite side hand/arm that is not gripping the foot can chop at the opposite knee or club at the waist

Technique Follow Ups: 

If opponent pulls his foot back as you are shooting, you can switch knees and grab the other foot.