Miragaia Guard Pass

Instructed By: 
Isaac Doederlein
BJJ Miragaia Guard Pass
Technique Set Up: 

The entry for this Miragaia guard pass assumes your opponent is on his back with his legs up in Open Guard or Reverse De La Riva.

Technique Description: 
  1. Hand on the same side as Reverse De La Riva cups opponent's thigh (it is also possible to start with the grip detailed in Step #3, however, cupping opponent's thigh is a safer way to enter the guard pass)
  2. Hand on opposite side underhooks opponent's leg and grabs opponent's belt
  3. Drop knee to the mat (on the same side as the Reverse De La Riva) and change grip from cupping the thigh to gripping the outside of opponent's knee
  4. Sprawl out your legs while shoving opponent's knee in between your own legs keeping your arm straight
  5. Pinch opponent's legs in between your knees while walking to the side of your opponent (towards the side with the underhook)
  6. Circle leg out and lift opponent's hips off of the ground
  7. Hold opponent's hips off of the ground by pressing knee into opponent's buttocks
  8. This should have the affect of sliding your shoulder up your opponent's chest
  9. Underhook opponent's head
  10. Switch hips
  11. Settle into Side Control
Technique Video(s):