Mounting From Side Control (No Gi)

Technique Description: 
  1. Begin with left arm under opponent's neck, palm down and right arm under opponent's left arm, palm up making Gable grip
  2. Apply shoulder pressure pressure down and into opponent's neck while pulling opponent's head towards your body
  3. Switch your hips, sliding your left knee down opponent's body until it touches his hip
  4. Right knee slides across opponent's stomach until it touches the mat
  5. Drive opponent's left arm up (so they are not able to push down your knee) - In order to do this, your elbow moves from pointing down towards your feet "Six-o'clock" to perpendicular "three-o'clock" to opponent's body.

5a)  With knee all the way on the ground, shift hips so that the arc of the foot is away from your opponent (towards the ceiling) and your knee is pressing into opponent's hips, then move knee forward under opponent's arm pit

5b)  In step #4, right knee slides diagnolly across opponent's belly/chest towards their arm pit, so that in step 5, knee continues towards arm pit until it is on the mat (under opponent's arm pit)