Near Side Straight Arm Bar From Knee on Belly

BJJ Knee on belly to near side arm bar
Technique Set Up: 
  1. Sometimes, when you are in the Knee on Belly position, your opponent will push against your hip with their near-side hand, or grip your extended leg at the knee
  2. Another set up occurs when you are passing your opponent's guard, and they post their hand on your hip as you pass
Technique Description: 
  1. If your opponent is gripping at your knee, underhooking their arm and pinching their grip with your elbow.
  2. Slide your knee towards your opponent's head and jam your shin into their arm pit with knee next to their chin.
  3. Cuff Grip opponent's sleeve with one or both hands, pull their arm straigh up.
  4. Continue to pull opponent's arm towards you as you swing your leg over their head and sit back into the straight arm bar.
Technique Video(s):