North South Sweep Series

BJJ Techniques - North South
Technique Description: 

Double Overhooks: 

Make a frame with your forearm against their torso, elbow one one side of torso, hand on the othe side of their torso

Push upwards with frame to make additional space

Upa up, and then work your knee inside.  Alternatively, swing your legs from straight out and together

Double Underhooks:

One Under/One Overhook:

  1. Find the side in which your opponent has the underhook
  2. Plant your feet on the ground, and move backwards until your head is on your opponent's thigh
  3. Clamp down on your opponent's arm
  4. With your opposite arm at your opponent's neck, sweep up and over with a wrestling-style upa

Finish with Infinity Choke:

  1. As you are sweeping your opponent, the hand that had clamped down your opponent's arm should reach up at their collar
  2. As you come on top, elbow across the face, four fingers into lapel in a loose grip
  3. Then elbow on the ground and work your elbow under your opponent's head until they tap