O Goshi Hip Throw

BJJ Techniques O Goshi
Technique Description: 

O Goshi, or "major hip throw" was one of the original Judo techniques (although this technique existed prior to Judo), and is the first Judo throw most people learn.

1.  Begin with a traditional Judo grip.

2.  Right foot turns inward in front, and to the inside of, opponent's right foot (see step one below).

3.  Left foot steps in front, and to the inside of, opponent's left foot.  (Both feet should be inside your opponent's feet.)

4.  Right hand curls around opponent's waist at the belt.

5.  Move hips low and past opponent's hips, that is, your hips should be using your opponent's lower thigh as a fulcrum.

6.  Bends forward, straighten knees to take oponnent's weight on top of you (they should feel weightless).

7.  Turn to look behind opponent's feet, that is, rotate your head and shoulders towards the mat while bending at the waist.

Technique Video(s):