Passing The Guard - Stack Pass - No Gi

BJJ Stack Pass No Gi
Technique Set Up: 

This pass works well when:

  • You have just broken the guard open from a non-standing guard break
  • Your opponent counters a Knee Slide Pass attempt by throwing their leg over your shoulder
Technique Description: 
  1. When your opponent is in Open Guard
  2. Dive both hands under your opponent's legs at the same time.  In order to get your opponent's legs on your shoulders, you may have to get really low with your chin at mat-level.  Your face may, in fact, have to be right at your opponent's crotch.
  3. Make a Gable Grip with your hands and keep your elbows in tight against your opponent.
  4. Get on your toes, knees off of the ground, and drive your opponent forward.  When his hips are off of the ground, place your knees under his hips and sit down on the back of your feet.
  5. Grip your opponent's right collar, thumb inside grip, with forearm across his throat.
  6. Left hand grips belt (or top of his gi pants if belt is not available) and lifts up.
  7. At this point, your opponent should be feeling a lot of pressure on their throat.  There is a submission opportunity from this position in which you lift up on your opponent's belt, putting (all your weight and most of your opponent's weight) on his throat.
  8. Alternatively, you can stay on your toes, thrust in your hips and chest until your opponent's legs pass and you are in side control.
Technique Video(s):