Rear Mount Escape - Head/Back to Mat

BJJ Technique - Back Mount Escape
Technique Description: 
  1. Survive and defend back mount attacks using Back Mount Defense.
  2. Grip your opponent's top arm with one hand gripping at the forearm and one hand gripping at the shoulder.  Pull opponent's arm both down and towards the choking hand.
  3. Walk your feet up close to your butt.
  4. Decide which direction you want to bridge based on how your opponent is gripping/choking.  If he is choking, follow the direction of the top choking hand.  If he has a Seat Belt Grip, follow the direction of the top hand. (If he has a neutral, double lapel grip under your arm pits, it does not matter which side you bridge.)
  5. Throughout the next series of movements, do not forget that your primary goal is to avoid being choked.
  6. Open your leg to the side opposite that you plan on bridging.  This will enable you to bridge more powerfully towards the side that you want to end up on, rather than bridging straight back on top of your opponent.
  7. Bridge back and drive head into the mat.  If you are able to get both your head and top of your shoulders into the mat, even better.
  8. Walk your feet towards the side you just bridged to, and turn your hips.  Repeat until you are on top of your opponent's defending leg.  If your opponent's foot is stuck on your knee, you can high step to force opponent's leg off of your knee/thigh.
  9. Grab your opponent's knee with a straight-arm as you turn into him.  At this point, he will attempt to come on top into either top mount or top half-gaurd.

The first video below is an excellent review of this back mount escape, and also includes two important counters to your opponent's defense.

Technique Video(s):