Scissors Sweep

BJJ Techniques - Scissors Sweep
Technique Set Up: 

The scissors sweep is generally performed with your opponent in Closed Guard and their posture forward. It is difficult to perform this technique if your opponent's weight is on their heels.

Technique Description: 
  1. Begin with a Cross Collar Grip from Guard with your right hand in your opponent's collar and your left hand making an Elbow Seam Grip.
  2. Unlock your feet from the Closed Guard position, and hip escape to the right (butt out and to the right) while maintaining your grips.
  3. You need to get space between you and your opponent or you will not have enough leverage to get the sweep. (Some people recommend arching your back, others recommend extending your left leg out to use as leverage to scoot your hips out to the right).
  4. Slide your right knee across opponent's torso, hooking his torso with your right foot, which should be flexed.
  5. Pull your opponent towards you with both of your grips, push outward with your knee and leg stretching the top of your opponent both forwards (with your grips) and their base away from you (with your right leg).
  6. Chop your opponent's right leg with your left leg, with your left leg scraping the mat, at the same time pull your opponent on top of you and make a scissors motion with your legs bringing you on top of your opponent. This technique is taught with many variations because it is such a common sweep, however, most often success will come when your opponent's weight and momentum is forward because it is very difficult to hit this sweep when your opponent's weight is on his heels.
Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 
  • Push The Leg variation
  • Elevator Sweep variation
  • Push the stomach variation
  • Arm Bar From Scissors Sweep variation
  • Double Underhooks variation
Technique Follow Ups: 

Oma plata when opponent defends the sweep