Seat Belt (aka Lasso aka Harness) Position

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BJJ Seat Belt Grips
Technique Set Up: 

Whenever you have the opportunity to take your opponent's back, it is generally recommended to first secure the Seat Belt position, and then work on getting your Hooks into place.  If you are able to secure the Seat Belt position, it doesn't matter if you lose one or both hooks, as your upper body will be glued to your opponent's upper body.  Your legs, in fact, can be pointing in opposite directions as your opponent's and it will be possible to recover your Hooks.

Technique Description: 
  • Place your right arm around your opponent's neck with the crook of your arm (opposite your elbow) at your opponent's carotid (neck).  The arm around your opponent's neck is always the side with the wrist you want grab (i.e. grab the wrist of the arm around the neck)
  • Make a fist with your right hand and hold it against your opponent with your thumb (and side of your index finger) pressing into your opponent's chest, exposing the right side of your hand which will serve as the handle for your left hand.
  • Your left arm will reach under your opponent's arm on the opposite side, gripping your right hand between the bottom of your pinkie finger and your wrist (Note: Do not grab your right wrist - if you grip at the wrist, you make a conveninent handle for breaking your grip)
  • Your head should be pressed tightly against your opponent's head, (in this case) just to the left of his head
  • Your shoulder pushes against your opponent's head at the base of his neck, pushing his head forward
  • Clamp your elbows tightly into your opponent , pull your hands tightly into your opponent, press your head tightly into your opponent's head
  • You can maintain this grip even if your opponent escapes your back mount Hooks, and as your opponent attempts to escape, focus on keeping your elbows tight into your opponent's body, and maintaining as much contact with your upper body against your opponent's upper back