Side Control - Bottom

BJJ Technique Side Control Cross Side
Technique Description: 

Basic Side Control Techniques:

  • Stay on your side, if possible, rather than flat on your back
  • Keep your arms and elbows close to your body to protect youself from arm and neck attacks.  You may also wish to put your hands in a "prayer" gesture to block one side or another.
  • Keep your foot against your knee or bring both of your knees to your chest to prevent your opponent from mounting you 
  • The goal of bottom side control is to sweep, recompose guard, or recompose half guard
  • Generally, in bottom side control, you are looking to create space between you and your opponent, one way to make this space is to frame against your opponent at their neck line and hips with your forearms
  • Gnerally, in bottom side control, it is very adventagous if you can get your free arm under your opponent's arm
Technique Video(s): 
Technique Follow Ups: 
  1. If you are on bottom in side control, and the person on top has his near side hand checking your hip, attempt the Thread The Needle Recompose
  2. If your are on bottom side control, and person on top has his near side hand under your head, attempt the Hip Escape Recompose