Single Leg Take Down Defense - Whizzer

Technique Set Up: 

When your opponent has shot for a single leg, and has your leg wrapped with his head on the inside next to your body.

Technique Description: 

Your opponent has shot in for a single leg takedown with your right leg wrapped up, with his head on the inside:

  1. With your left hand, cross face opponent across the jaw, forcing opponent's head away from your torso
  2. While your opponent's head is being peeled off of your torso, whizzer your right arm under your opponent's left arm and grab the bicep of the arm that is cross facing
  3. Hook your trapped right leg around the outside of your opponent's leg
  4. Hop backwards so that you are facing the same direction as your opponent
  5. Stomp your leg down hard towards the ground while lifting up on your arm with the whizzer
Technique Video(s):