Single Leg Takedown

BJJ Single Leg Takedown
Technique Set Up: 

Tug at opponent's hand or hands to get a reaction

Distract opponent with a hand up high at the head prior to shooting like this guy.

Technique Description: 
  1. Begin from a staggered stance, low to the ground, so that you have power in your shot (there is much less power if you attempt to shoot when you are straight up and down).  Your lead foot should be on the same side as your opponent's lead foot.
  2. Start the shot when you are close to your opponent - You want to close the distance to your opponent with your body, not your hands.
  3.  If your opponent has a staggered stance, shoot on the leg that is closer to you.
  4.  Lower your level and shoot in, powering off of your back leg.
  5.  Step with your left foot to the left of your opponent (for the purposes of this description, your opponent will have a staggered stance with his right leg forward).
  6.  Step as deep (even past your opponent's feet) as possible.
  7.  Make contact with your head on the inside of your opponent's torso at the stomach (this will bow your opponent forward at the waist making it difficult for him to sprawl, and it will take weight off of the leg you are attempting to pick up)
  8.  Wrap your left hand around the back of your opponent's knees, palm down (It is important not to wrap around higher than the back of the knee or lower than the back of the knee
  9.  Pick up leg and hold it in between your legs (This position is called "running the pipe"). Squeeze opponent's legs in between yours. Wrap your arms around opponent's leg elbow deep to elbow deep**.
  10.  (If you make a gable grip, you need to keep your elbows clasped against your body).
  11.  Head is inside at opponent's stomach*.
  12.  Make opponent hop either forward or backward to prevent them from countering.
  13.  Left foot pivots backwards 90 degrees while head pressures against opponent both sideways and down
  14.  Lower level and hike leg through in between your legs.

*There are difference of opinion as far as where your head should be when you are running the pipe against your opponent. If you look at the two external videos, you will see two different explanations. Ultimately, it is personal preference whether or not you want to be tight against your opponent with "bad" head posture, or loose against your opponent with "good" head posture. The former makes it easier to move your opponent and take him down because you are bound on to him, but this also makes it easier for your opponent to counter your shot by pressuring downword on your head/neck.

 **There is also a difference of opinion as far as wrapping your opponent's leg. Some people prefer elbow to elbow wrap and other people prefer the gable grip. As long as, when using the gable grip, you keep your elbows close into your body, it is probably a wash.

Technique Video(s): 
Technique - Other Options: 

When running the pipe you can slideone leg out and underhook opponent's leg, raising foot to the ceiling
Trip opponent's other leg
Switch to a double leg takedown