Sit Up Sweep (aka Hip Bump Sweep) From Closed Guard

BJJ Sit Up Sweep Closed Guard
Technique Set Up: 

This sweep is a good attack when your opponent is sitting back on his heels. It does not work well when your opponent's posture is leaning forward. One good set up is to attack your opponent with a Cross Collar Grip threatening the Cross Collar Choke. When your opponent moves backwards to defend it is a good time to do the Sit Up Sweep.  Another good set up is to pull your opponent forward trying to break his posture with a double lapel grip. When he moves back to regain his posture, come up with him into the sit up sweep.

Technique Description: 
  1. Open your legs with both feet on the mat
  2. Sit up and to the right, using your right elbow on the mat (as you continue to sit up, change from right elbow to right hand)
  3. As you sit up, block your opponent's left elbow/tricep with your left hand
  4. As you sit up, explode your hips into your opponent as high as you can continuing to block his left elbow/tricep (which he may attempt to post on the ground to prevent the sweep) - A common mistake is not getting your hips high enough.
Technique Video(s): 
Technique Follow Ups: 

A lot of times, your opponent will counter this move by putting all his upper body weight forward, which also breaks his posture.  This leaves your opponent open for the Guillotine Choke, or if your opponent posts his hand to the mat, it leaves him vulnerable to a Kimura From Guard.