BJJ Technique - Sprawl
Technique Set Up: 

When your opponent is shooting in for a take down attempt.

Technique Description: 

The number one goal of a sprawl is to quickly get your legs out of range of your opponent's shot. There are many different options as far as where your hands/arms end up, depending upon both personal preference and how deep your opponent was able to shoot, however, none of it matters unless you get your legs out of your opponent's grasp.

  • Drop legs behind your body (do not jump) and land with the tops of your feet on the mat.
  • Keep your hips low.
  • If you anticipated the shot, you can block your opponent with both hands to his triceps, back away, and do not need to go all the way down to the ground.
  • If you were a little late anticipating the shot, onee hand pushes the back of your opponent's head, and the other hand blocks your opponent at the tricep.
  • If you were even later at anticipating the shot, and your opponent has ahold of one or both of your legs, use double underhooks, keep your hips in and scoot your legs out.
  • The other hand blocks opponent at his bicep/tricep.
  • If your opponent has grabbed ahold of your legs, kick legs out and move back, thrusting your hips in.
Technique - Other Options: 

Some people advocate a square sprawl or single hip sprawl depending upon how your opponent shoots. Others advocate sprawling differently depending upon whether your opponent is attempting to shoot a single, double, or high crotch. Normally, you don't have time to react. If you anticipated the sprawl, you were able to keep your distance to the point where it didn't matter. If you didn't anticipate the sprawl, your number one concerned is kicking out your legs.