Taking Knee on Belly

BJJ Knee on Belly
Technique Description: 
  1. Underhook opponent's neck from Side Control with one arm making a Thumb-Inside Grip on the far side collar.  The opposite-side hand grabs opponent's belt or their gi pants on the far side of their hip.  Grip and pull towards opopnent's near side hip so that elbow is as close to opponent's near-side hip as possible.
  2. Jump up to the Knee on Belly position and flex your foot (toes towards your shin) and hook your foot on opponent's near-side hip so that you can track his movement.
  3. Opposite side leg should not be extended straight, rather, it should be bent at a comfortable angle to optimize mobility.
  4. Your leg/knee should not lay across opponent's stomach (in spite of the name of this position), rather, it should be at a 45 degree angle pointing towards opponent's far side shoulder.