Tight Triangle Choke

Instructed By: 
Jhonny Loureiro
Technique Description: 

This is another variation of the triangle choke taught by Jhonny Loureiro when he was teaching classes at Westside Trianing Center.  I refer to it as the "Tight" triangle because there is tight pressure and control of your opponent at all times during the technique.

1)  Break your opponent's posture.  Johnny recommended a Cuff Grip, elbows flared, pulling opponent forward with your grip and your legs at the same time.

2)  Once your opponent's posture has been broken, reach over his back and grip your opponent's belt with your left hand.  At this point, your opponent will most likely try to fit his head under your arm so that his head is on the other side of your arm, which is fine.

3)  Place your left foot on your opponent's hip, and hip out to the left while your right hand blocks your opponent's bicep.

4)  Pull your knee towards your face to clear your foot past your opponent's arm (which is being blocked by your hand).  If you are having problem clearing your foot, hip away more.

5)  Chop down with your right leg on your opponent's neck in traditional Triangle Choke fashion.  Your left hand, which has been gripping the belt and breaking your opponent's posture now transitions to holding your own ankle.