Triangle Choke

 BJJ Technique - Triangle Choke
Technique Set Up: 

There are many Triangle Choke set ups, however, they all involve manipulating your opponent so that have have one arm inside your guard/in between your legs, and one arm outside of your guard/outside of your legs.

Setting up a Triangle Choke

  • Closed Guard:  <Closed Guard Description>
  • Spider Guard:  <Spider Guard Description>
Technique Description: 

Originally a Judo technique, this is one of the most popular BJJ submissions, and is also commonly seen in MMA. You could write a book on the triangle based on all the possible set ups, variations, and other details.  What follows are the basics of the Triangle Choke.

With your opponent's left arm in between your legs:

  1. Break your opponent's posture with a right hand Cross Collar Grip From Guard pulling him forward with your grip and your legs.
  2. Jump your hips up as high as they can towards your opponent's face as you lift your right leg towards the ceiling bringing it down across your opponent's neck.  The crook of your knee should be against the side of your opponent's neck and your leg should be straight across the back of your opponent's neck.
  3. Keep your opponent's posture broken by gripping your right leg with your left hand, pulling down to prevent opponent posturing his head up.  Do not grip your foot, rather, grip your ankle.  At this point, you can adjust by putting your left foot on your opponent's hip, and scooting to the right.
  4. Kick your left leg over your right ankle so that the crook of your left knee is resting on top of your ankle.  Pressure down with your left leg.
  5. Cross your opponent's right arm under their chin
  6. Squeeze knees together, keep toes pointed up, pull down head, left up with hips.
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